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Whenever a source of electricity is provided (be it solar, wind or micro hydro etc), a safe, reliable means of controlling that source must be utilised, and this is where Regulators play their part. Basically what a regulator does is to limit and control the output of the energy source to acceptable and efficient levels, usually in order to charge batteries or the like. Without a regulator, batteries would be quickly overcharged to a state of destruction.

In short, it pays to give due consideration to what type and style of regulator is needed, as not all regulators are created equal, and there are now many available on the market with advanced features without the advanced costs. Our range of available regulators span from basic units to high tech devices which control and protect your expensive energy system.


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PDF Document Morningstar Prostar 140KB
PDF Document Morningstar Sunlight 140KB
PDF Document Morningstar Sunsaver 140KB
PDF Document Morningstar Tristar 350KB
PDF Document BP Solar GCR/M 8amp, 12amp, 20amp, 30amp in 12 or 24 volt 60KB
PDF Document Steca PR 10amp, 15A, 20A, 30A in 12 or 24 volt 100KB
PDF Document SoLSum 5A, 6.6A, 8.0A, 8.8A in 12 or 24 volt 130KB
PDF Document Xantrex C Series 200KB
PDF Document Plasmatronics 400KB

Please visit the following manufacturer websites for more information:

Internet Site Morningstar
Internet Site BP Solar
Internet Site Steca
Internet Site Xantrex
Internet Site Plasmatronics

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