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Inverters & Chargers

To transform Battery power into useful everyday 230 volt electricity requires an Inverter. Modern Inverters are quiet, efficient,lightweight and compact, but to say all Inverters are created equal is an untruth. Our range of true sinewave inverters are second to none for both value and reliability.

Compared with other brand modified sinewave inverters, our units display none of the associated problems that can occur with the lower cost alternatives.(Such as audible transformer hum, lines on TV's, incorrect operation of electronic appliances, breadmakers, microwave ovens etc). Today's Inverters are virtually fit and forget items.

Battery chargers have been around almost as long as Batteries themselves, and as such, have developed over the years into extremely reliable and efficient devices. Our range even includes a small, automatic, 3 stage, waterproof version especially suited to the marine / outdoors environment.

A recently available innovation is a 3 stage automatic charger for charging 12 volt batteries off a 24 volt system, with programmable start up and shutdown voltage setpoints, these devices are streets ahead of currently available "equivalents".



Please click the PDF documents below for a sample
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PDF Document Victron Energy Phoenix Multi/MultiPlus Inverter/Charger 60KB
PDF Document Victron Energy Phoenix Chargers 400KB
PDF Document Victron Energy Centaur High Power Charger 335KB
PDF Document Victron Energy Blue Power Waterproof Charger 440KB
PDF Document Victron Energy Phoenix Inverter only 350KB
PDF Document Studer Inverter/Charger
PDF Document Xantrex SW Inverter/Charger

Please visit the following manufacturer websites for more information:

Internet Site Victron Energy
Internet Site Studer Solar
Internet Site Xantrex Technology

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