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As the base energy source of any Alternative Power System, batteries are as varied as they are complex. Available in numerous configurations (flooded, Gel, AGM etc) all our options cover only deep cycle applications. (Car / truck start batteries should never be used for the specialized requirements of Alternative Power).

The old adage: "Batteries don't die, they are Murdered" is as relevant today as it was 150 years ago. Associated with any battery system must be a high quality charger, as this ensures the long life and reliable performance you can expect from our range of top quality products. Rated in amp hour capacity (A/H) from the small to the large, we have a battery to suit.


Please click the PDF documents below for a sample
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PDF Document BP Solar PV Stor
PDF Document Hoppecke HOPzS
PDF Document Hoppecke Solar Batteries 60KB
PDF Document Commander Gel Deep Cycle
*Commander Gel Page One (as jpg image) 280KB
*Commander Gel Page Two (as jpg image) 280KB
PDF Document Century Batteries Enersun 800KB
PDF Document Century Batteries Deep Cycle 1MB
PDF Document HCB Technologies Deep Cycle Batteries 300KB

Please visit the following manufacturer websites for more information:

Internet Site BP Solar
Internet Site Hoppecke
Internet Site Century Batteries
Internet Site HCB Technologies

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